Thursday, August 21, 2014


Winnie Harlow is the new face of Desigual. 

fyeahnikokovacedits:: press conference August 20, 2014
fyeahnikokovacedits:: press conference August 20, 2014



Nicole Beharie - Fox’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour Portraits



Ewan McGregor’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


The People of the Stars ξ The Children of the Sun

It is told that even as Varda ended her labours, and they were long, when first Menelmacar strode up the sky and the blue fire of Helluin flickered in the mists above the borders of the world, in that hour the Children of the Earth awoke, the Firstborn of Ilúvatar. By the starlit mere of Cuiviénen, Water of Awakening, they rose from the sleep of Ilúvatar; and while they dwelt yet silent by Cuiviénen their eyes beheld first of all things the stars of heaven. Therefore they have ever loved the starlight, and have revered Varda Elentári above all the Valar.

At the first rising of the Sun the Younger Children of Ilúvatar awoke in the land of Hildórien in the eastward regions of Middle-earth; but the first Sun arose in the West, and the opening eyes of Men were turned towards it, and their feet as they wandered over the Earth for the most part strayed that way.

Meet my new flatmate Yoshi. Isn’t he cute?


He’s still on probation though. If he doesn’t get along with my cat he’s gonna move back in with my flatmate’s boyfriend.

Also have a pic of my cat chilling on my bed and being slightly irritated because of me taking the picture.


Well, let’s see how they’ll get along. At the moment both are in their respective owner’s room on their owner’s beds. My cat is bigger than him though and I hope she’s gonna show him whose territory it has been for several years. But they’re both very calm cats maybe that’ll help…

Grey’s + disasters

Jessica Capshaw through the years